CEE -BC Mission Statement 2020

Uniting the business community of WB6 & EaP & CA

18 transition economies united in, to and with Europe.

Brussels-Kyiv-Minsk -Skopje-Tashkent

CEE BC is the voice of the business community from 18 countries and connecting the 3 regions in Central Europe – both Eastern Partnership, South Eastern Europe –So called Western Balkans 6 and from Central Asia 5 Central Asian post SU States and Mongolia. CEE BC will support members from all 18 countries by improving the business framework to bring the whole region to European level of doing business, regulatory standards and the resulting prosperity. CEE BC will promote the Austrian model of constructive, constant and result driven dialogue with the public authorities on behalf of the business community with a strong focus on SMEs – the backbone of the European Economic Model and European Competition Principle. The focus of CEE BC is treating all investors domestic and international, small and big, in a fair, open, competitive and equal manner with respect for their investment and with the perspective to develop the whole region with the help of European standards and international capital and technology and know-how. CEE BC will represent Foreign Investors Associations, SME Associations, Sector Trade Associations like Tourism Association, IT Associations, and Agriculture Business Association and Management Consultants Associations from the 18 countries regions from Albania to Kirgizstan. In the start-up phase CEE BC will focus to represent the 6 kinds of organisation from the 18 focus countries. FDI, SME, Tourism, IT, Agriculture and Management Consultants. CEE BC will welcome as well individual members from the Economic Development community providing technical, economic and quality standards assistance in a wide range of issues and CEE BC will be welcoming Corporate Membership from business community from the region and for the world interested in investing in the CEE 18 from Montenegro to Uzbekistan. The focus of CEE BC will be the representation of the 18 business communities towards the EU institution and opening new opportunities with bilateral trade within the region of 18 emerging economies between the EU and China and Turkey. CEE BC will closely work with the SEE Sector reform organisation CEFTA and RCC and promote membership in these organisations. CEE BC will not engage with the business community of countries under EU sanctions currently. CEE BC is based in Brussels and Kyiv with regional coordination offices in Skopje, Minsk and Tashkent. CEE BC is not a competitor of excising European Business federation like Eurochambres, Business Europe or UEAPME but understands itself as a regional umbrella of business association and as a training, capacity and cooperation network of the 18 countries who in different forms of integration from full membership in EU to CEFTA, members in EaP or similar FTAs or membership in the EU Customs Union or interested in developing a similar Customs Union like EU with Turkey or simple interested in better trade access to the EU Internal Market and are interested in cooperation as well on bilateral trade within the region between the major economic powers EU Russia, China and Turkey.

The 18 countries have ca 170 Million population and ca 560 Billion $ GDP in 2016 – making it an average 3.300 $ GDP capita region with the EU at 35.600 $, so the differential to EU no less than 10 times and to Russia at 8,700 $, China at 8.100$ and Turkey 10,700 so between 2,5 to 3 times. Clearly there are difference between Montenegro now at 7.400$ and Tadzhikistan at only 800 $ per capita. Difference are significant but one denominator is an amazing potential and nobody can be satisfied with today’s prosperity and closer economic integration and cooperation with Europe and between the region of 18 great and amazing countries will benefit people, business and consumer in the coming years. CEE BC will develop and recommend policies for fast growth of the entire region allowing all countries to catch up in next decade with significant higher growth rates than the EU. That in short is the mission of CEE BC connecting people, business, expert and economics of the 18 countries to ensure between economic development and increased prosperity for all countries of the region.