Membership will be a yearly fee of 1.200 Euro or a monthly fee of 100 Euro per member organization from the 18 member countries. Organisations, Business and Corporates from EU, US, China or Turkey can become supporting members for a yearly fee of 12.000 Euro or 1.000 E monthly. Voting power will be only with the associations of the 18 focus countries. CEE BC will only work with business association from countries not under EU sanctions. The budget will be devoted to the development of CEE BC which will rely in the start-up phase on voluntary contribution and personal engagement of this key staff to ensure long term sustainability. This is an open call for contributing to CEE BC.

CEE BC is appreciating the efforts and contributions of all members and supporters. The 3rd category of membership is individual membership of experts from the 18 countries who - on invitation basis - will be the core group to implement future joint projects. Membership for individuals will be 120 Euro yearly or 10 Euros monthly.

Secretary General


Uniting the Business Community of WB6-EaP-CA